Social Media

Ways we can stay connected!

I'm not going to lie, although I may have a profile, I'm not very good with keeping up with all the various social media platforms.  I do use some of them to send out notifications when shows are about to start or I come across information I feel will interest my viewers.  In the event one or more of my existing accounts are taken down, I will utilize social media to reconnect with my audience, so feel free to add me to any of these platforms you're a part of.


Connect and get periodic information and links here.  Notifications are sent out automatically when I go live.


MeWe is another platform like facebook without all the censorship and privacy violations.  I check this account occasionally but not a lot.


Notifications are sent out before each livestream, sometimes text and voice chat get togethers after the show.


Tweets go out whenever a  live stream is about to start, this can be helpful if you have issues with YouTube notifying you.


Follow me on steemit to get the latest in written articles and notifications on video uploads.


Patreon is more than just a great way to support the channel monthly, you can also use it to follow me. They have live streaming capabilities which we may need in the future.


Alternative video platform for content deemed too enlighening for YouTube.

Red Bubble

Red Bubble takes my artwork and puts it on a variety of quality products and gives me a little cut of the sales, not a bad deal.


For Telegram users.  This is where I am able to share the most sensitive information that may be cencored on other platforms.  

Staying connected through Social Media