Welcome to my story...

On a lifelong search for truth, the more I seek the more I find.

Born and raised in St. Louis Mo. USA.  I was the youngest child in a multi-racial, Christian home.   I questioned everything about life and typically got the response "I don't know, when you get to heaven you can ask God."  That shut me up for a while but I never stopped wondering and searching. 

Who I Am

Christianity was the only religion I've ever been a part of although I moved around through a few denominations before realizing religion was only a stepping stone to a deeper relationship with the divine.  So I dropped what I had come to realize was man made doctrine and judgement of others.  I retained the core values I think everyone should have.  The Golden Rule - treating and loving others as I want to be treated and loved.  That's what my hero and role-model Jesus did.  

Family Life

I got married in 1993 at the age of 19 to my wife I met in Tulsa, we had our first daughter in 1994, second in 1997, third in 2003 and forth in 2004. We would have our first son, 5th child in 2007.
On Nov 12th 2018 we celebrate 25 years of marriage.  


After a life-long journey of searching for deeper and deeper truths to the meaning of life, I felt as if I'd come to a dead end and I would never find the answers I sought.  This lead to my dark night of the soul in late 2016 into early 2017.  Life had become utterly meaningless like King Solomon talks about in Ecclesiastes.  I started a YouTube channel in February of 2017 to begin to explore different world views and ideas held by others.  Not long after starting the channel I realized the Mandela Effect was a very real phenomenon.  After extensive investigation into the possible causes no explanations fit as well as the consideration that this was a supernatural event caused by some benevolent force trying to wake humanity without violating free will.  That realization put me back onto a more spiritual path of trying to get the word out, wake others and bring together loving people in this endeavor to raise human consciousness into a more unified Christ consciousness.  I realized this is my mission and purpose for being here at this time.