Beyond Quantum Healing Sessions

BQH sessions – How to prepare and what to expect

Beyond Quantum Healing sessions are $222. The sessions take place over the phone or computer using video conference software like Zoom or Google Meet. I will record the session for you so you will have it for review.
Sessions can go as long as 2 to 3 hours and sometimes even longer with talking before and after, so I recommend leaving enough time that you won’t feel rushed, like 4 hours before you’ll be needed for anything.
It’s good to have some questions you want answered (life purpose, relationship, finances, spiritual connection, past life etc…), this can also include things you’re curious about, like a dream or supernatural event that happened long ago (if anything came to mind just now I recommend writing it down so you don’t forget).
We will talk about these questions for clarity before we start the session so you can write something short so you remember and I’ll take notes when we talk. You can write them in order of priority in case we’re not able to get to all of them, sometimes your guides have their own idea of what’s best to show you on your journey. This is a good thing though, your guides know what best serves you right now in your life. We will go over your questions together and I’ll explain the process to you so you will feel comfortable in knowing how we can get the most out of your session.

As I mentioned on the first page, sessions are different for everyone, for most people it’s more of a guided meditation where they access higher knowledge and it’s described as feeling dream-like, for a very small group they don’t remember much of their session until listening to it back again but this isn’t typically the case. The presentation of your journey during your session is completely orchestrated from the higher realms. I assist you in getting to a focused receptive place and our higher team takes over. We only need to allow it to happen naturally and I help you do that. The best information for your specific journey will always come from within you, that’s why this technique is so powerful. And the process is simple. You will be right there awake and aware the whole time, even at the deepest states. You can expect to see things in a new perspective with much more clarity about the next appropriate steps in your journey.

Besides having your questions, not much is needed for preparation. You want to be comfortable and well hydrated. About half of people require a bathroom break or two during a session, which isn’t a problem, we’re always able to get right back in. You can lay down or recline, you don’t need to worry about falling asleep, you’ll be relaxed but focused.
Earbuds or headphones are highly recommended, some people get really quiet during the session and that makes it harder to hear. Some people like something to cover their eyes to block out more of the light in the room if that applies. Having a blanket handy is nice, some people start feeling cold and it’s nice to have something nearby you can grab easily. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions, my contact information is at the top.

You can watch the following video for even more information.

Beyond Quantum Healing session additional information video.


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